Name: Всё_CRAZY

Country: Belarus

Formed in: 2002

Status: Active

The band was founded in 2002 and was initially positioned as alco-blues with elements of punk. It lasted for 10 years and ended with the release of the debut album “Telipych” (2012). Having a coldly reaction, the band decided to change the musical direction and came to the Celtic punk, becoming the first band of this style in Belarus. Thus, the EP “DSP” (2014) was released. It also formed the basis for the album “Po Moryam” (2016), which starred in Top-25 of 2016 on London Celtic Punks portal. In the same 2016 the group participated in the international Tribute to The Pogues, the godfathers of Celtic punk.

Third full-length album “Mokrye slukhi” was released on June 1, 2017 and continued the course to the direction of Celtic punk or, as the band tailored themselves, sailor punk. During Fall 2018 two internet-singles have been out: “The Fall” and “Vova”. Both songs were composed a long ago (2002-2005) but this is the first studio release of them. On December 25, 2018, New-Year single “In Vileyka… (The New Year)” has been released. Video for this song was directed and shoot by Lesley Knife (Gods Tower).

Aliaksandr Hliakaŭ

Band members

  • Aliaksandr ‘Petrovich’ Hliakau – bass, backing vocals
  • Mikalai ‘Kondrat’ Kavalikhin – drums
  • Liudmila ‘Barrakuda’ Navakouskaya – mandolin
  • Aliaksandra ‘Shunya’ Halkouskaya – vocals
  • Sergey ‘Sailor’ Lesnevsky – accordion
  • Yauhen ‘Horny’ Rakhanski – guitars
  • Anton ‘Sir’ Sirotin – vocals, guitars
  • Inna Molokovič – flutes, violin
  • Aleksei ‘Verik’ Voryvodski – live sound



  • Telipych (2012)
  • По морям (Po moryam) (2016)
  • Мокрые слухи (Mokryie slukhi) (2017)


  • Д.С.П. (2014)


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