Alternative Ulster

Name: Alternative Ulster

Country: USA

Formed in: 2015

Status: Active

Founded in March 2015, Alternative Ulster hails from NY State’s Catskill’s region. After the release of their debut album the band went through personnel changes leading to the next two CDs line-up of John McGovern on bagpipes and banjo, Todd Henry on vocals and drums and Jay Anderson on guitar and bass as well as all recording and mixing. While recording their Christmas CD, the lads needed a lady for the female lines of Fairytale of NY. Wendy’s singing so blew them away that she’s now a full member of the band and has greatly enriched their sound. For live dates, Steve Hoelter joins in on bass and as the back-up drummer.

Back in 2015, John described the band’s sound as 1916 meets 1977, referencing both the Irish Uprising and the heyday of Old School Punk Rock. Influential Celtic Punk podcast, Shite&Onions, described the band’s style as “snot, spit and safety-pins punk rock of the 1982 variety being held ransom by a manic, whiskey swigging highland piper.”


Band members

  • John McGovern – bagpipes, banjo
  • Todd Henry – drums, vocal
  • Jay Andersen – guitar, bass, drums
  • Wendy Henry – vocal
  • Steve Hoelter – bass



  • Rebellion! (2016)
  • Boobies, Bagpipes, Banjos & Beer (2018)
  • Pog Mo Thoin (2018)
  • Merry Feckin’ Christmas! (2018)
  • Craic Agus Ceol (2019)


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