Captain Jack’s Army

Name: Captain Jack’s Army

Country: Sweden

Formed in: 2011

Status: Active

In 2011 five close friends came together and formed what would be the beginning of Captain Jack’s Army. They were all involved in other bands – mostly in the hard rock / metal genre – but they wanted to try something different. A band where they could just let go of prestige and have fun. They came to the realization that they were all fans of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s , and so it became quite natural that Captain Jack’s Army initially was formed as a tribute band to them both.

Due to lacking some of the essential instruments in the band for the specific genre, and also having too many guitar players in the band, one decided to put down his guitar and instead pick up the mandolin and the banjo. The band grew and after their first gig in March of 2011 in Norrköping, Sweden they all felt a need to shift focus from their other bands and instead go all in with Captain Jack’s Army. It was just too much fun not to. So really, a complete change in mindset.

And although the constellation of group members has changed more than once throughout the years, the band has managed to keep going and remain the reputation of giving one heck of a live performance experience.

In 2013 – the band decided to start writing their own songs and so the journey of breaking free from being just a tribute band began. “One for all” – their first single – came about as an homage to friends who tragically had passed away far too soon. Shortly thereafter their first EP “Royal Arms” kicked off a tour in Germany and the Czech Republic with great response.

In 2015 the band was approached with the honourable task to write and produce a song for the Hockey Team of Linköping that would be used in the arena at every home game. Three years later the song “Drömmar gror vid Stångebro” is still strongly associated to the city of Linköping and has to date reached more than half a million streams on Spotify.

In 2017 a couple of more releases in their native tongue followed, including a christmas song called Julen where 4 members alternated singing the verses for the first time. This was also the year when Captain Jack’s Army opened up for The Rumjacks in Stockholm. An experience that would inspire even more songs to emerge.

In 2019 the band revisited the Czech Republic and is also invited to play at the Hörnerfest Festival in Hamburg, Germany. This in combination with releasing another EP – “Dance Together” – one single at a time.

Band’s presskit

Band members

  • Pär “Papa” Palm – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Alexandra Ekelöf – violin
  • Andy Pettersson – bass
  • Ariel Sanga – guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Johan Nilsson – mandolin, banjo
  • Linda Davidsson – guitar, accordion, tin whistle
  • Johan Månsson – drums



  • Royal Arms (2013)
  • Dance Together (2019)


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