Error Distortion

Name: Error Distortion

Country: Indonesia

Formed in: 2012

Status: Active

A young Celtic punk band originating from Indonesia, which among its inspirations shows Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys, Cock Sparrer and Flogging Molly. The instrumentarium, apart from the classical rock set, also includes folk elements. So far they have released one album, they also appeared on the compilation “4 Way Do Something”. Interestingly, “Litas Proses” appeared originally (in 2016!) on a cassette tape.


Band members

  • Ommy Distorsi – vocal
  • Black – drums
  • Letoy – bass
  • Cepak – giuitar
  • Juant – tin whistle



  • Litas Proses (2016)


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