Finnegan’s Hell

Name: Finnegan’s Hell

Country: Sweden

Formed in: 2010

Status: Active

Finnegan’s Hell was formed in 2010 simply because there is still a great need for Celtic punk in this world. Prior to starting the band the members were involved in various other groups playing Irish folk, rock and punk. To combine the different elements somehow seemed like a good idea. After putting together a decent setlist Finnegan’s Hell ventured on a club tour in Scandinavia, which was followed by a bunch of festival gigs. The songs went down well with the audience, so the band decided to sneak into the studio to lay down some tracks. An EP was finally released in 2011. It received rave reviews and sold out in no time. More important though, it also meant the possibility for the band to play all over Europe.

In 2014 Finnegan’s Hell released a full-length album through Heptown Records, Europe’s leading Celtic punk label. The album ”Drunk, Sick and Blue” was well-received by the European music press, and earned the band gigs at some of Europe’s biggest festivals and a publishing deal with Sound Pollution Songs. Finnegan’s Hell has continued to work with Heptown Records and Sound Pollution Songs and released the long-awaited album; ”Life and Death” in 2018. The songs on the album are musically diverse, but they share the lyrical themes of life and death, taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride from the cradle to the grave. The band has just started recording songs for a new album, which is still untitled. The focus this time is to preserve the raw energy from a live performance. You can count on an intense future album which takes no prisoners.


Band members

  • Pabs Finnegan – guitar, vocal
  • Mick Finnegan – banjo, tin whistle, vocal
  • San Finnegan – bass, vocal
  • Ace Finnegan – drums
  • Old Roxy – accordion



  • Drunk, Sick and Blue (2014)
  • Life and Death (2018)


  • Finnegan’s Hell (2011)


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