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Celtic Punk Encyclopedia will happily accept any form of help. If you’re a band member, a record label employee or just a celtic punk fan and you want to help buidling CPE, we’re looking for you! If you want information about a specific band or album to be found here, send it via email at

Band entries must include name, year of establishment, country of origin, current status, short description, members, discography, band’s picture and links (if there are any links). Description can be in Polish or English.

If you notice an error in one of the entries or missing information, indicate what specific entry it is!

For albums, please send the artist, year of publication and track list. We also collect information about websites dedicated to celtic punk, festivals and other events, as well as interviews and articles.

Michał “Michu” Wysocki

Template for band entry:

Formed in:
Status: Active/Inactive

Author or source of description:

Band members: names + instruments/vocals

Discography: Albums/EPs/Splits/Live

Links: Website/Facebook/Bandcamp/Instagram etc.

Band’s picture

Template for release entry:




Type: Album/EP/Split/Live/Compilation



Reviews: (links)

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