Name: KilnAboy

Country: Wales

Formed in: 2003

Status: Active

The band have been together since late 2003. It was shortly after the summer of 2003 that Dav, Brian and Jay would meet up with a slack handful of mates in the park, flagons of cider, litres of vodka and packs of tobacco, strumming trad folk protest songs until the wee hours. Will appeared on the scene shortly after, delighting the ladies especially with his magic fingers!! Both Dav and Will had previous played in the band named Michaels Bones, with Chris Millington.

A couple of years went by with Gordon on Djembe and dig – he went off to play with Strawberry Gash. Drummer Chris stepped in and we introduced full-on banging drums and bassist John became part of what is now the evolved band KilnAboy. Many other musicians played with the band during this time, Jim from Dirty Revolution, Mark Bohdran (possibly part of the witness protection program), LGB (Little Ginger Bastard) Matt, not forgetting Alex Plows penny whistle player. She went of to publish Text books in Ethics, Biology and Social buggery or something.

So having spent the early years playing in the sweaty clubs n pubs of Cardiff, drinking and cavorting excessively, we are now more likely to be found in muddy festival fields worrying apathetic hippies and chasing morris dancers out of town. Most of our ideas and influences stem from a protesting background and the constant frustration of trying to exist in an industry where music is lost in a void of cloned popstars. We will carry on regardless in the hope that music still has the power to change the blinkered perception of mainstream society.


Band members

  • Daf – mandolin, vocal
  • Jay – guitar, vocal
  • Bri – guitar, vocal
  • Will – accordion
  • Joe – drums
  • Razz – bass
  • Philippa – fiddle



  • Half Beard’s Box (2004)
  • Defy The Stars (2006)
  • Prison Bars and Battle Scars (2014)


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