Name: LochNesz

Country: Hungary

Formed in: 2010

Status: Active

The band was formed around a circle of high school friends, but since their first concert in September, 2011 they started to take the band more seriously. In the course of the last year and a half they played at several summer festivals and in a number of cities across Hungary. They recorded an album and an EP. Presently the band is re-grouped and focus more on well-know songs of the Celtic Punk scene.


Band members

  • Olivér Máhig – vocal, accordion
  • István Murányi – bagpipe, banjo
  • Richárd Solymos – drums
  • Dániel Illés – bass
  • Máté Marton – guitar



  • Dance the Jawbreaker Jig (2013)


  • The Monster’s Close (2012)
  • Leave the Captain Behind (2015)


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