Name: Malasañers

Country: Germany

Formed in: 2012

Status: Active

Malasañers history is a complicated one and begins back in working-class Madrid where due to the financial crisis at home Carlos del Pino makes the journey across Europe to move to the mid-German town of Bamberg to start a new life. Inspired by his father’s vinyl album’s of Irish and Celtic music Carlos develops an enthusiasm for the music of the green isle and mixed with early influences of the Ramones, Beatles and Elvis the scene is set for the early beginnings of Malasañers. Formed in Madrid in 2012 the band are cheerful and folky taking in influences from Spain as well as broader Rock and Indie music but with the band going nowhere at home and frustrated by the economic crisis Carlos moves to Germany in 2014 reignites Malasañers and gathering around him some of the areas best musicians Carlos burning passion for Irish punk finds a happy home in the beer metropolis of Bamberg with the active music scene.

London Celtic Punks

Band members

  • Carlos del Pino – vocal, acoustic guitar, bass, banjo
  • Cornelius Appun – vocal, electric guitar
  • Frau Vau – fiddle
  • Teemu Salo – keyboards
  • Philipp Renz – drums



  • Spanish Eyes (2014)
  • Footprints (2018)


  • Welcome to The Folk Punk Show (2014)


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