Molly Malone’s

Name: Molly Malone’s

Country: Poland

Formed in: 2009

Status: Active

Molly Malone’s is a folk- punk band from Giżycko in Masuria region. It perfectly connects elements of Celtic folk music with punk rock. The idea of this set was born in the heads of Jarek “Kwiatek” Kwiatkowski and Bartek “Koniu” Biwejnis, who after the experience in punk rock formations and shanty bands decided to play Irish melodies on accordion and violin and integrate them into punk rock songs. The basic composition of the punk rock band complement traditional instruments for Celtic folk music, which creates a perfect musical blend. Texts in Polish are written by friends, which are a characteristic element of Molly Malone’s and it is an additional advantage in contact with the audience. In compositions, the band emphasizes the commitment to Masuria and tries to proudly represent their homeland.

The band began touring in January 2010 and from the beginning proved itself very well for concerts in pubs and taverns as well as in large outdoor stages and festivals. The win in the Competition “Three Taverns” in 2010 during the Fourth Edition of the Festival “Latający Holender Ursus” 2010 and the Audience Award at 7 Rock Szanty Festival in Serwy in August 2010, also in the second edition of the Muzyczne Perły Festival 2010 in the KorsarzTavern are a confirmation of these words. Molly Malone’s had a positive welcome in the marine environment as Masuria folk band playing “punk rock shanties” resulted not only from the lack of Celtic punk scene in Poland, but also great fun that the band served at every concert.

Molly Malone’s turned out to be the only one band in Poland playing on a professional level so popular music genre all over the world. Consequently, it was natural that, despite the short length of the scenic practice they supported at concerts in Poland stars such as The Dropkick Murphys and Street Dogs from the USA and the Canadian- The Dreadnoughts, The Real McKenzies. Between the concerts in spring 2011 Molly Malone’s recorded the first authorial compositions, which in 2012 released to MiniCD under the logo of North East Records. Four songs are a showcase of Molly Malone’s and perfectly show the direction in which the band follows.

In autumn 2012 after less than three years of activity, in Olsztyn Studio X Molly Malone’s starts recording his first longplay “Obłęd” (“Madness”) which was released by Lou&Rocked Boys on 17th March 2013. After recording the album Molly Malone’s set off on tour FOLK PUNK TOUR 2013 divided into spring and autumn part promoting the album “Madness” in pubs and clubs throughout the country. In the summer break the crew successfully performed at outdoor events demolishing musical scene, including 10 Fląder Festival in Gdańsk or 19 Woodstock Festival Poland in Kostrzyn.


Band members

  • Jarosław “Kwiatek” Kwiatkowski – vocal, acoustic guitar
  • Bartłomiej “Koniu” Biwejnis – accordion
  • Kuba Szulc – fiddle
  • Mateusz “Puszek” Puszkarewicz – bass
  • Marcin Krzyżewski – electric guitar
  • Paweł Augustyniak – drums



  • Obłęd (2013)


  • Molly Malone’s (2012)


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