Punk Whiskey

Name: Punk Whiskey

Country: Hungary

Formed in: 2011

Status: Inactive

The band was formed in September 2011, as a classical Celtic-punk, Irish-punk band. Our only purpose was to make our audience dance as much as we just can, wherever we go, and play – and of course to having great parties on the stage. As the time was spending, we started to look after other musical styles. At first we started to rearrange well-known hits to the “punkwhiskey-style” (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Green Day etc.), then we turned our ship to the direction of Polish polka-punk, but from here there was no way to stop: from an Irish-punk band we became a folk punk, or world punk band, including everything in our music, what we can call “party” in the world.

In our repertoire you can find Irish, Balcanic, Roman, Polish, gypsy, South American, country and other kinds of folk music – of course mixed with a lots of our punk. And this list is expanding! Although we are continuosly roaming between different nations and styles in music, one thing has never changed: party is over everything else!

Celtic Folk Punk and More

Band members

  • Gabriella Szendrei – flute
  • Dani Illés – bass, vocal
  • Ferenc Molnár – fiddle
  • Gergely “Picúr” Vajda – vocal
  • Richárd “Ricky” Solymos – drums
  • Álmos Hajdú – guitar, vocal



  • Delirius (2014)


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