The Babes

Name: The Babes

Country: England

Formed in: 2015

Status: Active

The Babes is a 4 piece Hardcore-Crust-Celtic punk rock DIY line up formed in 2015 and based in London. The guys met in the IMW sound engineering school: A group of misfits that wanted to play Pogue’s type of music that bred in a garage in Twickenham, and before too long The Babes were delivered. They play snotty, two fingers in the air hardcore punk rock with bagpipes. Bringing together Colombian, North American and UK backgrounds and featuring ex-touring members of punk legends Total Chaos and Blitz.

Their released single “Tomorrow Seems So Far Away” took them to their first tour “The Babes invade Mainland Europe” where they had the opportunity to visit France, Germany, Belgium & Holland. The Babes self-released their debut album “Greetings from London” engineered, produced, mixed and mastered at IMW Studios by Mao Holiday with the support of Colin Smith, David Clark Allen, and Sean Bartle. Right after that The Babes toured Paris, Brittany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, and Spain.

In February 2018, Marvin left The Babes. Since then until August 2nd, they played with Steve, which joined the band on their Fourth European mini-tour where they played in Bretagne, Paris, and Mauriac. Later in July, The Babes went on their 5th European Mini-Tour called “Only Life We Know!” where they Toured Germany, Holland, Belgium and played Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. In August 16th, Alberto “Animal” joined the band on drums. Also, The Babes are introducing their 4th band member: Adriano Cicciolino, who joined the band on guitars since November 16.

The Babes will be releasing a new EP with 5 songs in 2019, recorded by Life of Strife Productions in Overdrive Studios. The band is starting their tour on July 26, where they will be playing in Kingston Upon Thames, Paris, Belgium, Blackpool (Rebellion Festival on a main stage) and will be performing for the first time in Ireland, Mexico and playing mighty Morecambe Punk Festival in November.

Mao Holiday

Band members

  • Mao Holiday – vocal, bagpipes
  • Matt Ren Ex – vocal, bass
  • Adriano – guitar, vocal
  • Alberto “Animal” – drums



  • Greetings from London (2017)


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