The Cloves And The Tobacco

Name: The Cloves And The Tobacco

Country: Indonesia

Formed in: 2006

Status: Active

The Cloves And The Tobacco formed in 2006 in Yogyakarta and being inspired after hearing Flogging Molly a group of friends decided to get a band together and now ten years later that band is still together and getting stronger all the time. Yogyakarta is renowned for education and is a centre for Indonesian culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music and poetry. Taking their name from a kind of cigarette The Cloves And The Tobacco have been major players on the international celtic punk scene now for a good few years despite purely existing on word of mouth and good reviews on the internet. The band released two studio albums and is working on another one.

London Celtic Punks

Band members

  • Adit Tongseng – vocal, acoustic guitar
  • Abiyoga – electric guitar
  • Kahfi – bass
  • Kojack Blues – 5 string banjo
  • Fani Black – tin whistle
  • Piztt – fiddle, keyboard, shouter
  • Koro – drums
  • Emil – accordion



  • The Day With No Sun (2012)
  • Across The Horizon (2016)


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