The Ramshackle Army

Name: The Ramshackle Army

Country: Australia

Formed in: 2010

Status: Active

An Australian group that quite quickly traveled from pub gigs to large outdoor concerts. Drawing inspiration from many sources, including the Celtic traditions of their families and the colonial heritage of Australia, the band creates a unique atmosphere of their music. They have three albums on their account (the first and third are basically mini-albums), concert tours, among others with Dropkick Murphys and joint festival concerts with Flatfoot 56 or The Mahones.


Band members

  • Gaz – vocal
  • Kat – fiddle
  • Nath – guitar
  • James – bass
  • Chad – drums
  • Josh – banjo, mandolin



  • Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions (2011)
  • Letters From The Road Less Travelled (2014)
  • Whitewashed Graves (2016)


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