The Scarlet

Name: The Scarlet

Country: Hungary

Formed in: 2012

Status: Active

The Scarlet is one of many representatives of the Hungarian celtic-punk wave, which swelled after 2010. They have a very successful album “Hardfolk Shanties” and an EP “Midnight Avenue” produced by the frontman of Paddy and the Rats. Team leader Daniel is also present in the more traditional folk project The O’Neill’s. The Scarlet’s music is primarily an energetic, pirate punk.


Band members

  • Dániel Fekete-Szűcs – vocal, acoustic guitar
  • Gergely Mészely – guitar
  • Júlia Seres – flute
  • Dominika Mészáros – fiddle
  • Gábor Ridly – drums, vocal
  • Aurél Czövek – bass



  • Hardfolk Shanties (2017)


  • Midnight Avenue (2015)


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